My Platform

1. Revitalize the commercial corridors on Mission Street, Geneva Avenue and Broad Randolph. To accomplish this, we need concerted investment of both public and private funds and must put together a Community Benefits District for these corridors to facilitate this process.

2. Revitalize and fully rehabilitate the Geneva Car Barn. We have to get the Mayor and Rec and Park staff to agree to put this historic gem in the 2018 Rec and Park Bond as this building could become one of the City's premier performing art and cultural spaces.

3. Create a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries (MCDs) along our district commercial corridors and require that they reinvest in their neighborhoods. There are currently 3 MCD’s that serve D11, which is sufficient for our district. Over the last decade, I have organized hundreds of neighbors to fight against four new pot clubs from coming into our District.


We have spent far too much energy stopping additional clubs from opening, rather than focusing on attracting restaurants and family serving businesses to the area. We need to create a local tax that requires MCD's to invest 25% of their profits in the immediate neighborhoods that they are located in as well as require owners to have lived in San Francisco for at least the past 5 years. This will work to mitigate some of the impacts of these businesses.

4. Create a citywide and city funded universal pre-school program for children age 4-year-olds. To truly address the achievement gap for African-American and Latino students we must invest in early childhood education as well as work to make San Francisco more family friendly. This can be achieved with the passage of a few of the revenue measures on the November ballot, such as the soda tax and the property transfer tax.

5. Create a citywide program to address the housing crisis for working families - those making between 55%-120% of Area Median Income (AMI). To realize this goal for this income range, we need to 1) offer density bonuses 2) allocate some of the affordable housing bond money already passed 3) mandate that private developers offer housing for this income range 4) increase the allocation of downpayment assistance for those wishing to purchase their own home.

6. Host a Traffic and Parking Summit with SFMTA to increase the number of parking spaces within our district through reconfiguring parking and traffic calming through speed bumps, bulb outs and roundabouts. We have to address this concern as thousands of people are frustrated that they can't park in front of their homes and are constantly in fear of accidents and people speeding through their neighborhood streets.

7. Increase annual funding for San Francisco's Department of Public Works (SFDPW) to address the myriad of problem areas in the district that experience illegal dumping, overgrowth and lack of landscaping and street paving. Street-tree maintenance will be funded if we pass the initiatives that are on the ballot this November, but in case they are not, we need to allocate money from the general fund as well as consistently contribute to SFDPW's budget to enhance cleaning and greening services in our neighborhoods.

8. Open a District office. I will find a way to open an official office to make City Hall more accessible to all citizens of District 11.

9. Create more shelter beds, navigation centers, med/psych hospital beds and supportive housing for the chronically homeless. There are multiple initiatives on this November's ballot that will increase funding for homeless individuals and we need to prioritize getting people out of encampments and off of the streets so that supportive services in all forms can be provided to them.

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