District 11 (Excelsior, Mission Terrace, Crocker, Cayuga, Outer Mission, Oceanview, Merced, Ingleside) needs a Supervisor at City Hall who will fight for our neighborhoods. Ahsha Safaí has been that leader for us. He and Yadira are raising their family here, and every day at City Hall he has put our neighborhoods and working families first!

Working these past four years, Ahsha has been able to: 

 Create 600 units of new housing units with 64% affordable to our working families and 40% set aside for our immediate neighbors to address the housing needs of our community
 Secure $32.5 million to build a brand new library in the Oceanview neighborhood
 Open the first Job Center in District 11 focused on providing employment and career services to the historically underemployed Lakeview community
 Create $20 million for traffic safety concerns for the installation of speed humps, traffic lights, bulb outs and crossing beacons district wide 
 Secure $2 million to plant and maintain 2,000 new trees in our neighborhoods
 Fight to save St. Luke’s subacute beds for our most vulnerable patients
 Expedite the permitting process for small businesses to fill empty storefronts along Mission Geneva corridor including Arts organizations

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