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  • Bonnie Schwartz
    Today about 250 households/families got food bags in front of Denman School.

    The bags had milk,eggs, brown and white rice, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, mandarins, peanut butter, soup, frozen blueberries and sausage patties.

    Anyone can get food – there is a breakfast at the school for families with children but this is separate. We’ll be there again every Wednesday until…. from 9-1.

    You can go for a neighbor – the only question they ask is how many people in the household. There are several latino/spanish speaking and Chinese volunteers.

    They are looking for volunteers – and also the link I included shows you where these ‘pop-ups’ are happening. You basically go around filling the bags with food that then is placed on a table. Risk is very small and precautions are taken.

    It felt good to be able to do something – people were very appreciative .
  • Delia Inguillo
    I’m living Geneva Avenue block away from the bart station and I strongly oppose your plan of putting those RV on that vacant lot. You can put them somewhere but not in my neighborhood… They can park their RV ‘S in front of city hall or in your street .
  • Belen Uchi
    No, I don’t want those RV in my neighborhood. I voted for you hoping that your going to make our community safe. You can put them in your neighborhood or better be in your own backyard.. how about that…
  • Michell Houwer
    I am not supporting your proposal to put a temporary RV Park at Balboa Park Bart. This would jeopardize the safety of the transit commuters and all the kids who take Bart and the bus out of this location. Further you cannot even get them off the streets and will have a problem getting them out if you allow them to stay. Put them in your own neighborhood. This city already is not tough on crime and lacks support for safety measures for it’s citizens with bail reform and adding this element to our neighborhood would not be a good thing. Why doesn’t this city make the communities that these people came from take fiscal responsibility for them? Why is it our job to provide services and money to junkies from out of town. I support the families and older folks who are in this predicament but NOT the junkies this city has attracted. Stop giving them money and send them home. When do the tax paying citizens get a say in the matter? How do we protest formally?
  • Brenda M
    Your platform clearly states that you seek to improve the lives of District 11, to make streets safer for kids, to revitalize the commercial corridors on Mission Street and Geneva Ave.

    Can you explain how providing a designated parking lot for individuals living out of RV’s and cars is going to accomplish this? I live near Alemany Blvd and the amount of filth and, frankly, sketchiness from those already “parking” is incredulous. This is NOT the neighborhood I grew up in. While I don’t paint everyone in this situation with the same brush, I cannot see how this temporary parking lot will help the situation.

    What it will do, is create and encourage a homeless environment in a neighborhood that has the lowest % of homeless in the city. You are essentially endorsing the deterioration of our beloved neighborhood. I ALREADY have to avoid certain areas of my neighborhood because of aggressive and, potentially, dangerous homeless.

    I voted for you thinking you would work FOR us, not against us. Sir, you have lost my vote and the vote of many life-long District 11 folks.
  • William Hanke
    Parking on sidewalks

    Sfmta 311 request 10383547

    Mapping 311 trouble areas parking on sidewalk.

    Only going to get worse with increase in people in the city.

    Your already looking into permitting homes to two permits

    Going to push people to sidewalks.
  • Jonathan El-Bizr
    I’m a 25+ year resident of district 11.

    Corporate cafeteria bans?

    ‘Tax them out of town’ opposition to cannabis clubs?

    Shakedowns and scapegoating are bully’s games. Some of those you are scapegoating live and vote in your district.

    Myself, I would rather you dealt with the 1 in 5 homeless that were brought into the city by San Francisco’s $250 million homeless NGO industry, and with the heroin junkies passed out in their own filth next to the soccer fields in the Crocker Amazon playground.


  • steve wiley
    Only in SF would elected officials try to dictate how people can eat? What happened to individual rights? Are we living in China or Iran now?
  • Justin Delegard
    I just read about the SF supervisors committing to city-wide fiber connectivity. My wife and I whole-heartedly support this plan. How can we help?
  • Jeffrey Holmes
    Free parking. Want my vote back.
  • Patricia Mabutas
    Someone put an Ahsha flyer on my front door gate at 382 Lisbon St. with a sticker saying “your polling location, Geneva Avenue United Methodist, 1261 Geneva Avenue”. THAT IS NOT MY POLLING PLACE. My polling place is 125 Excelsior Avenue. This is not good. You need quality control for your volunteers.
  • Rebecca Kennedy
    I hear everyone running for anything in SF say their concern is “affordable housing”. How do we create this in this part of town? After being a stay-at-home mom for 22 years, my stupidy, stinky ex-husband gives me $4000 a month in a combination alimony/child support. (Even though he makes over $200k “working” for Comcast) My rent is $2150/month for 500 sq feet that I share with my son. Alimony is taxable at $400/month. I don’t see any sites on this side of town where new housing could be built, much less what could be called “affordable” for SF.
  • Jim Simmons
    I have received a number of mailers for your campaign focusing exclusively on your fight to stop new “pot clubs” in the district. The slanderous use of the phrase “pot clubs” is offensive to me and my partner. Both of us are older men and use medical marijuana rather than prescription opiates for pain relief. Just to let you know – these are not “pot clubs” but rather they are “medical cannabis dispensaries”. You can conduct your campaign how you want, however, your depiction of a growing part of the population in this country speaks volume’s about your backwards looking approach to social issues.
  • John Pollard
    Happy to throw a fund raiser, or something else if needed—I believe I just donated $500 but did not get a confirmation
  • Paul Rossman
    I am a volunteer for Kimberly Alvarenga. This evening as I was walking Pct 1101, I had an encounter with two of your canvassers. At approx 6:30, I rang 1882 San Jose, and when I didn’t get answer I left the District 11 DC slate hanger (which endorses Kim) on the gate. I walked north and passed two of your canvassers passing south, headed to the same door. After I rang the next doorbell, I doubled back and saw that my hanger was gone.

    I approached the canvassers (2 Asian men in their mid-20s) and asked them why they removed my hanger. One of them was holding it, and I saw it was ripped. He said, “We wanted to study it.” I returned to 1882 and left another hanger inside the gate.

    You might want to apologize for this behavior to the Alvarenga campaign.

    Just FYI,

    Paul from Nantucket
  • Patricia Mabutas
    what do you know about the proposed 134 unit 6 floor proposed development at the Valente Marini site? I’m concerned about our one and only supermarket Safeway going away. Here’s a copy of info taken from the Socket Site article. “Also noted, the proposed development’s western building mass is being designed “in anticipation that eventually the [adjacent] Safeway site might provide a large scale development opportunity” as well”. WHAT????
  • Malte Ciofalo
    You recently came to my residence at 69 santa cruz ave @ delong streets and left information on your campaign. I like your personal touch and have some feedback for our district: I see a need for speed bumps on delong and santa cruz aves; better lighting along delong at night , as many bart commuters our walking home in the dark. Too much garbage dropped onto vacant bart fence and corners. Electronic signs that warn drivers they are approaching a school or slow zone! lighted bike paths with lights on bike path to help drivers see them !
  • Lee Trampleasure
    I’m wondering if you have a position about fencing in the dog run area in Crocker Amazon park. We walk our puppy there, and she loves to run up to anyone who comes by to play with them. Unfortunately, these are sometimes kids or people who are afraid of dogs. She’s all play, but I understand if she came running up to me I might be worried about her intent; so we tend to keep her on leash all the time, even in the dog run area. A short fence around the area would help demarcate the off-leash area and make it safer for all concerned.

  • Edward Sullivan
  • Allyson Ritger

    I’m interested in finding out more about Ahsha Safai’s position on Golden Bridges School, which has purchased 203 Cotter Street and is planning to build an urban farm school on the site. Signs that say “Save the Farm” have gone up on some houses, and at a recent event, I heard that Mr. Safai supports “saving the farm.” I would like to know how Mr. Safai suggests that the farm be saved. Should Golden Bridges, the current owner of the property, continue to give them free rent indefinitely? (Little City Gardens is not a profitable farm.) Should the city purchase the property using eminent domain? (There’s not much precedent for that.) Should the neighbors purchase the farm? (It is not for sale.) “Save the Farm” is basically a phrase that means “We don’t want a school in our neighborhood.”

    I’m a parent at Golden Bridges School, and my family lives in the Excelsior. I would like to know how Ahsha Safai proposes to “Save the Farm.”

    Please, take a look at the new plan for the land ( Over 70% of it will remain open land according to the new school plan. In response to neighbors’ concerns, the new plan takes traffic, stormwater, parking, and noise into consideration.

    It’s important to me that your campaign learns the facts before blindly supporting a movement that is anti-family. So far, you don’t have my vote, but I’d be interested in hearing why you are against Golden Bridges School building on 203 Cotter Street, and how you would propose to “Save the Farm.”

    Thanks for listening…


    Allyson Ritger
  • Kerry Evensong
    Have been unable to find a Asha for Supervisor facebook page. If you have one, let me know so that I can share it with our Save The Farm facebook community. Would love to get the word out. :)